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The websites / (henceforth “Websites”) offer its visitors information regarding and the means to apply to the ManagiDiTH MASTER’S PROGRAMME (henceforth “MANAGIDITH”), a Joint Master’s programme funded by the Digital Europe Programme of the European Commission. The website is operated by the MANAGIDITH Consortium.

By accessing these websites, and any other linked websites administrated by MANAGIDITH , the user (henceforth “User”) agrees to accept the Terms of Use that are subject to EU 2016/679 – General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of April 27, 2016, to the applicable EU law, supplemented if necessary by the law of Belgium any other EU legislation for the protection of personal data, electronic communication, and intellectual property.

You can read the Privacy Policy regarding the processing of personal data by MANAGIDITH at the following link:



The websites are used “as is”. The administrator of the Websites has measures in place to ensure that unauthorized users are not permitted to alter their content. MANAGIDITH has the capability and responsibility of modifying the content of these websites without modifying the current Terms. Recurring Users should check these Terms of Use and any possible revisions, before using the websites.

These Websites provide information regarding the Master’s programme including without limitation:

  • History, scope, curriculum, Syllabus, faculty members, tuition fees
  • The collaborating universities
  • Relevant news
  • Admission requirements, due dates, templates, and procedures


Unless otherwise specified, all content on the Websites, including but not limited to logos, brand names, photos, texts, videos, and in general all files and source code, are subject to copyright by MANAGIDITH and the respective collaborating universities, under Belgian, European, and International legislation.

This content cannot be wholly or partly copied, modified, reproduced, retransmitted, deleted, republished, sold, run, published, or transmitted by any means by any user, without the written approval of MANAGIDITH and/or the respective collaborating universities.

The User can use (print, copy, store) abstracts from the content of these Websites and is obliged to cite the Master’s programme and the location on the Website that it was found. Furthermore, the content is available for personal, domestic use, and not for commercial use or other purposes. It is clarified that the ability to use said content for personal use does not mean that MANAGIDITH grants intellectual property rights.

Logos of third parties, organizations, associations, and sponsors are their own intellectual and industrial property, and as such, they are in control for their respective rights for use. Photos and applications of third-party logos, organizations, and funders of the Master’s programme are subject to intellectual property rights and protected under national, European, and international legislation for intellectual property.



These Terms of Use apply to these Websites only, and not to websites owned and operated by third parties.

These Websites may link through hyperlinks to other websites, where the owners of said websites have the full responsibility (civil and penal) for the security, integrity, and legality of their content and services, such as intellectual property rights. The Users are obliged to know and accept the terms of use of said websites and contact their owners for any issue that occurs from the use of their website.

MANAGIDITH cannot guarantee the quality and the validity of the content and/or the security methods used by linked websites. If the User decides to access through the links a website of a third party, does so under their own responsibility.



By using the Websites, the User is expected to have perused these Terms, and if disagrees is advised to not use them. MANAGIDITH retains the right to modify these Terms of Use in the future.

By accessing and using the Websites and any available information provided, the User unequivocally accepts the Terms of Use and conditions that apply for the content, including landing pages, images, graphs, photos, videos, and/or files.

These websites are addressed to adults. Minors under 15 years can access these websites under the supervision of a parent or guardian who can understand and accept the Terms of Use. MANAGIDITH has no statutory liability if users below the age of 15 access the websites and its content.



MANAGIDITH is bound to make every effort for the whole content, and relevant information, to be accurate, true, and complete. MANAGIDITH is not responsible for any form of damage caused to the User due to their actions by accessing the Websites taking into consideration these Terms of Use.

Moreover, MANAGIDITH bears no responsibility for indemnification of any damage caused by Users of these Websites, or other third parties, for reasons related to the availability and/or use of the Websites, to any failure to access information provided by the Websites, or any unauthorized third-party interference on information available through the Websites.

MANAGIDITH is not able to guarantee that the services and functions of the Websites and/or servers will be uninterrupted, without any errors or malware, regardless if this applies to the Websites, or any other website or server used to transmit the content.



The Users accept and agree that they will use these Websites appropriately and are bound not to use the websites for illegal activities. In case of illegal use or violation of the Terms of Use of the Websites, the Users are obliged to compensate MANAGIDITH for any damages done. Not acting on said rights does not automatically mean that MANAGIDITH forfeits said rights.



In order to access certain services, such as the enrolment to the Master’s programme, MANAGIDITH may request to verify User’s information. The information entered by the User must always be correct, complete, and accurate. Users are responsible for their actions while accessing the Websites and are required to notify the administrator of the Websites for any (including possible) violation of security. Personal data that Users provide will not be disclosed to third parties outside the universities offering the Master’s programme under any condition. In order to offer certain services (admission to the Master’s programme,  etc.), the User may need to provide voluntarily certain personal information as required by the Belgian Law governing the operation of the Master’s programme. The processing of said personal data is subject to the Privacy Policy of MANAGIDITH, the General Data Protection Regulation, the applicable EU law, supplemented if necessary by the law of Belgium.



The aforementioned Terms of Use and any modifications are governed by Belgian legislation. For any issue that may arise from this contract, the applicable courts for any complaints are the courts in Brussels, Belgium.

The original language used for drafting these Terms of Use is English. In the event of differences that may arise between the English versions of the Terms and potential translations, the version of the Terms in English shall prevail.

Last modification: February 2024

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