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Master's Programme Details


Degree: Master’s Degree

Degree title:  Managing Digital Transformation in the Health Sector

Type of degree: Joint diploma by three EU universities

Duration of studies:  90 ECTS, 1.5 years [The degree takes on average 1.5–2 years to complete]

The Master’s Degree Managing Digital Transformation in the Health Sector (ManagiDiTH) is an international online programme delivered by three higher education institutions:

This Master’s degree will offer multidisciplinary knowledge on how to plan and support the digitalisation of healthcare and social care services and to promote the implementation of new procedures and services, supported by Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

Courses will be delivered in English and available online, with main learning materials and resources accessible also in Finnish, Greek and Portuguese.  The courses will focus on health sector skills, societal skills and digital skills.

The teachers in the courses are from European Higher Education institutions, which will provide international content to curricular units. This will enable a multicultural and interdisciplinary learning environment by providing culturally diverse content and material.

The ManagiDiTH Master’s programme welcomes students applying from diverse backgrounds and areas of specialisation, including healthcare, management, ICT, and other fields. 

This Master’s programme can also be completed while working simultaneously. This Master offers few online synchronous sessions but they primarily will take place in the afternoon or evenings. The number of online synchronous sessions is very limited because most of the work takes place on an individual level, with continuous mentoring, or in the form of group work. This allows students to plan most of their studies according to their own schedule.

Suitably qualified women are especially encouraged to apply for this Master’s programme.

Studying in the programme

Students learn various topics and develop critical thinking skills by solving real-world problems in online curricular units, using various pedagogical approaches suitable for an online environment. For example, a curricular unit could consist of weekly online meetings, and these meetings will contain sessions in which the students discuss the issues with their peers and work online with group assignments to develop a solution.

A curricular unit might for example consist of pre-recorded video material, shared academic articles, and quizzes designed to facilitate and test students’ learning. The students’ learning process is also carried out in projects together with working life. The goal is to use a variety of learning methods in an online environment.

The ManagiDiTH online Moodle environment will provide continuous communication and timely feedback by teachers of the respective curricular units. This communication channel between teachers and each and every student will enable and support different learning modalities from anywhere.  

ManagiDiTH students have a great opportunity to study in a multicultural learning environment where the number of students can be up to 240 in total. This will offer opportunities to network widely among students from various backgrounds and different EU countries.

The ManagiDiTH Master’s degree includes two specialization branches. One in Data Science and the other in Interoperability. Students may choose the branch they want to specialize in according to their individual needs, interest, background and previous knowledge acquired on specific topics.


The Master’s programme has three main components: 1. Health sector skills; 2. Societal skills; and 3. Digital skills. 

It is composed of 10 curricular units (6 mandatory and 4 optional) of 6 ECTS each (10 Units * 6 ECTS = 60 ECTS), plus the Master’s thesis unit (30 ECTS). In total, the master’s programme counts for 90 ECTS.

The study program is under accreditation process according to national legislation in Greece and is already approved by Laurea in Finland and by A3ES in Portugal.

The curriculum of the ManagiDiTH Master’s programme is composed of the following curricular units*:

  • MB00: Orientation days
  • MH01:  Organisations and Services in the Health Sector
  • OH02:  Healthcare Resource Management
  • MH03:  Social and Individual approach in Health
  • OH04:  Regulation, Legislation and Structures in health
  • OS05:  Technology and Society
  • OS06:  Ethics and Privacy in Health
  • MS07:  Managing the Digital Transformation in Healthcare
  • OS08:  Management, Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Healthcare
  • MS09:  Service Design
  • MD10:  Health Data and Information Systems
  • OD11:  Data analytics and Machine Learning
  • OD12:  Deep Learning and Computer Vision in Health
  • OD13:  Technologies in Interoperable Ecosystems in Health
  • OD14:  E-health and Telemedicine
  • OD15:  Cybersecurity for Health Systems
  • OD16:  Sensors for Medical Instrumentation and Signal Processing
  • MD17:  Health Data Classifications and Exchange formats
  • MT18: Master’s thesis

* The CU code reads as following: M or O for mandatory or optional, followed by H, S or D for Health Skills, Societal Skills or Digital Skills, B for boarding module and T for thesis. Then followed by increasing sequence of numbers. 

Study Plan

The Master starting date is Tuesday, the 17th of September 2024.  


Who can apply

To apply to the ManagiDiTH Master’s programme, candidates must comply with the following:

  • Nationality: At the time of their administrative and pedagogical registration within the Master’s programme, candidates need have an EU, EEA, or Swiss official citizenship. 
  • Academic requirements: Candidates must have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree (180 ECTS) in Healthcare; Digital technologies; Management; Societal scientific domains, or degrees related to the Digital transformation in Healthcare.
  • English language proficiency: If English is not their native language, candidates must be able to demonstrate an adequate level of English (B2 level in reading, writing and oral conversation). The above can be accomplished during the application process, either by:
    • Uploading a valid certificate of English language proficiency (TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, or similar) or
    • Responding to the language questions on the form on an adequate English level and demonstrating an adequate level of English in the application video.

How to apply

The application is exclusively online.  Candidates will be required to complete four forms to evaluate their background and to upload the following documents by the end date of the application period they are submitting within:

  1. Motivation Letter: any given candidacy should be presented with an explanatory letter elaborating on motivations, career goals, and why the candidate is interested in the ManagiDiTH program. The language of the letter must be in English.
  2. Curriculum Vitae (CV) in Europass format duly and fully filled must be submitted in English.
  3. Academic results certificate: copy of the official university first cycle qualification (Bachelor-EQF level 6, or equivalent), proven original from a Higher Education Institution (HEI), and transcript of academic records, must be submitted in English (or official English translated version).
  4. Work experience certificate after graduation (when applicable): an official proof document/statement of the previous work experience after graduation must be submitted in English, Finnish, Portuguese, or Greek (an official translated version is required if the work experience document is not issued in any of the mentioned languages).
  5. Application video in English of 3 minutes maximum (size: 300 Mb maximum; supported file types are avi, mp4, m4v, webm, ogv, wmv and flv) to briefly answer the following questions:
    • What is your background in terms of studies and professional employment?
    • Why do you think digital transformation is important for healthcare?
    • What do you hope to do after you graduate from this course?

The evaluation committee will decide upon the selection of the applications received, considering the set criteria, requested documentation, and applying specialized grading system on the final list of eligible students, whom may then enrol into the ManagiDiTH Master programme.

Application Dates

Two application periods are planned:

15 February – 22 March 2024 (end time: 0.00 CET)

15 April  – 2 June 2024 (end time: 0.00 CET)

Applicants should expect to hear feedback from the Application Process no later than end of June 2024.

For further information and questions please contact:

Tuition Fees

As the ManagiDiTH Master’s programme is organized within an EU-funded project by the Digital Europe Programme, there is no tuition fee for the first two cohorts of 240 students/each.

More information about scholarships for additional study costs, travel and summer camps will be available soon.

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